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Scarlet Finch supplies only top quality products, backed by our service guarantee.

The textile supply chain often puts retailers and brands thousands of miles away from their production sites, making inspection an important part of the manufacturing process to assure quality. From raw materials to finished goods, our internal textile inspection departments can identify defects and non-compliance during different stages of the production process.

Textile inspection help you assure product quality by identifying varying levels of defects in your products, including:

  • Major Defects – overall product failure or reduced usability of the product that prevents it from being placed on the market, can include seam slippage, holes or stains.

  • Minor Defects – unlikely to reduce product usability, includes items such as loose threads

The textile inspection procedure also ensures that fabric width, fabric length and fabric appearance (weaving quality, splices, odors) comply with the relevant standards and regulations during the production process.

Woman Cutting Fabric
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